Steam Shower Cubicle Features

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Steam Shower Cubicle Features

A steam shower cubicle can be simply understood to be a self-contained cubicle or enclosure with the capacity to create and trap steam within the enclosed area while in addition delivering a showering facility to clean or rinse down ones body. However, a modern steam shower cubicle aims in order to make home-bathing enjoyable, relaxing and therapeutic. Thus, many new features is available in the modern steam shower cubicle. Though not conclusive this article provides a summary of this typical features that could be located in a steam shower cubicle of today.

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Digital control interface

Most modern steam shower cubicles are fitted with an easy to use control interface into the shower providing quick access to all the steam shower features. Some steam shower cubicles might also provide a remote control, makes it possible for the user to select features from outside of the cubicle most notably pre-filling the cubicle with steam before entering.

Foot massage

A foot massage can be an included feature that unites foot rollers and hydromassage water jets to conveniently massage the feet whilst sitting within the cubicle. As opposed to rollers, a steam shower cubicle could have a special area on the floor where hydromassage jets spray water on the soles from the feet.

Hand held shower

Typically, a steam shower cubicle will provide a standard shower head secured to a slide-rail. This shower head can quickly detach through the slide rail to allow handheld showering, that might be what is more to an overhead rainfall shower.

Over head shower rose

Commonly known as a rain forest shower, the shower head is typically bigger when compared to a hand held shower and could measure as much as 6 inches in diameter. The overhead shower rose provides the feeling of standing out in a rain fall.

Body jets

Body jets might be located above the users head, along the size of the users back or perhaps over the lower legs. With regards to the amount of jets additionally the users water pressure these hydro massage jets may be sprayed in unison or sequentially.

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Music & Phone Connection

A modern-day steam shower cubicle might have a built-in audio input allowing the steam shower to be hooked up to a users iPod, MP3 player, CD player or other external audio device. Certain units even allow a user to run a telephone line to your steam shower and make or receive phone calls through the cubicle.

Radio and speaker

Many steam cubicles which have audio capability will also employ a radio tuner allowing the user to relax whilst listening to Classic FM or Radio 1! An individual can tune in through the control board to their favourite radio stations and listen to them from an in built shower speaker.

Steam Generator

The steam generator is fundamental to any steam shower cubicle and is available in many designs and styles but all with similar purpose - generating steam. The digital control board may provide the user the choice of configuring a time limitation or temperature limit for automatic shut from the steam generator.


An extra feature present in certain steam cubicles permits the user to squeeze a good number of drops of aromatherapy oil (often plant or tree extracts) onto the steam generator or into a specially designed inlet. The user may then take pleasure in the aromatherapy scents and physical benefits it can provide.

Thermostatic controller

The thermostatic controller can be used to select a particular water temperature and really should maintain control of the water during the chosen temperature. Certain units may incorporate built in temperature protection for younger users.

Chromotherapy Lighting

Chromotherapy has been shown to alter ones emotional state. This is utilization of coloured lighting to create a mood or emotional state whilst the user is enjoying a steam shower.

Ventilation fan

A ventilation fan offers good steam and air circulation within the cabin while drawing in necessary oxygen without the need to open the doors.

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Fluorescent overhead lighting

An overhead fluorescent light is usually incorporated to illuminate the steam shower cubicle. The light may surround the overhead rainfall shower rose.

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